Commonly Used Chess Openings by Chess Players

In setting the pace in chess, it is important how you open the game. Chess can be played in many different ways and moves taken by the layers. While in starting the game there is no standard way but there are commonly used chess openings adapted by many chess players. Moreover, it is essential to understand and practice the different methods and ways that could be played. Practicing these moves in your trial games will not only make you accustomed to it but also boost your confidence.

Ruy Lopez Opening

Ruy Lopez opening is one of the most popular openings in the game of chess that is why many chess masters use it. This opening was named after a Spanish priest in 1561 who initiated such opening thus, also called Spanish opening. Centuries have passed and this opening had grown as well as became the famous opening in chess. As time passes, considerable number of variations was seen in the game. Numerous studies was made and found out that many possibilities as well as opening options can be played both the white and the black. Some of the associated variations in Ruy Lopez opening are Berlin Defense, Steinz defense and Morphy Defense.

The Italian Game

The Italian game is another popular chess opening and the oldest one among other openings. This opening was conceptualized in the 15th century and widely used over the century but overtaken by the Ruy Lopez. Many chess players still use this kind of opening that involves several moves. It builds an interesting game that is worth to engage. Variations in this chess opening include Two Knights Defense, Hungarian Defense and Giucco Piano.

Sicilian Defense Opening

In building up different positions, you can use the Sicilian Defense. This opening is well recognized in the classic chess and includes variations such as the Classical Silican, Closed Silican, Dragon Variations and Najdorf Variation. It is used as a Black response in highest-level games. The moves aim to attain the center of the board. Likewise, it provides very good challenge but a little bit complicated.

French Defense Opening

The French Defense is a sort of chess opening that gives up control of the center in favor of the White as well as limits the King’s Bishop movement. This opening is advantageous to the Black in counter playing in the center as well as moving in the side of the Queen. What makes this opening popular to many chess players is that it is easy to keep on numerous ways and moves. This makes a follow up after the white’s e-pawn is pressured. Some variations in this opening that is commonly used are Advance Variation, Exchange Variation, Classical Variation, Tarrasch Variation as well as Winawer Variation.

You can study and learn these commonly used openings through video or books. However, learning is not enough for you to master the moves and variations. You need to make it into practice in your trial games or even with computers. You can invite some of your friends to play with you and practice the moves. Remember that whatever you have learned when not taken into practice is futile.

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