Commonly Used Chess Openings by Chess Players

In setting the pace in chess, it is important how you open the game. Chess can be played in many different ways and moves taken by the layers. While in starting the game there is no standard way but there are commonly used chess openings adapted by many chess players. Moreover, it is essential to understand and practice the different methods and ways that could be played. Practicing these moves in your trial games will not only make you accustomed to it but also boost your confidence. Ruy Lopez Opening Ruy Lopez opening is one of the most popular openings in the game of chess […]

Chess Portals: The Gateway for Online Chess

Due to the increasing demands for online games, there came a lot of demands especially to those games that make you enjoy but at the same time make you learn just like online chess. Chess in the internet are server-based games. In such games like chess online, it is the server who records the players’ moves against his opponent through the internet. In the internet world, there are a lot of portals that would let you enjoy playing chess by registering to play and learn chess by which there might be money involved by registering in these portals or their might be conditions that are […]

Why children should be taught chess?

Chess is a board game that offers fun and excitement to the players. It is a game that stimulates the mind and exercises your brain. Played in the ancient period between the kings and royal family members, this war game teaches the skill of warfare in a non-violent way. Though the world does not have any kings or kingdoms anymore, every person is waging a battle with the world in his own way. Learning the game of chess and playing it regularly will equip a person to fight the battle of life with poise and confidence. The salient feature of the game is that the […]